Driver’s License Reinstatement and Permits

Waukegan Traffic LawyerDue to the enhanced enforcement of DUI and traffic laws there has been a substantial increase in the number of driver’s license suspensions and revocations in Illinois.  And the Illinois Secretary of State has made is more difficult to get relief for a suspended or revoked license, either through full reinstatement or by obtaining a Restricted Driving Permit.

In order to get back on the road a driver must be successful at a hearing before the Secretary of State, something many people mistakenly try to do without the assistance of experienced legal counsel. As a result they are not only denied driving privileges, but often make it more difficult to be successful at future hearing. To ensure that you have the best possible chance to be able to legally drive a vehicle you must have an attorney that his highly experience and concentrates in hearing before the Illinois Secretary of State.

Leading Attorneys in License Reinstatement Hearings

The Law Offices of Winer & Winer has helped hundreds of people regain their driving privileges. And with our many years of experience we understand the process and are well-versed in the complex requirements set forth by the Illinois Secretary of State.  In fact, David Winer is recognized as a leading attorney in Driver’s License Hearings and has authored law journal articles on the subject. He also lectures other lawyers on this subject as an Illinois Continuing Legal Education presenter on Secretary of State Hearings.  David makes presentations to the Lake County Probation Department and Alcohol & Drug Counselors on the subject of subject of Secretary of State Reinstatement Hearings.

Helping you every step of the way

The Law Offices of Winer & Winer will provide you with detailed instructions and the specific steps needed to prepare for your hearing.  We will review all of your treatment documents including your alcohol evaluation, treatment plan, discharge summary, aftercare plan and make certain they meet the strict Secretary of State standards.  We will address and take steps to rectify any potential problems we find between you and your evaluator and make sure they are resolved prior to your hearing.  And will help you obtain the character and abstinence letters you may need to present. We will also prepare you to testify, a very important part of the proceedings, and will meet several times to make sure your documentation and testimony are accurate.

With the help of the Law Offices of Winer & Winer you will greatly improve your chances at successfully regaining your driving privileges. Call us today so we can get started to getting you back on the road.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I already was denied at a prior hearing can you still help me?

Yes, we often represent clients that previously were unsuccessful at a Secretary of State hearing, whether they represented themselves or with an attorney. In such cases, we will obtain your prior hearing records and treatment documents and determine why you were denied. We will then move to address these reasons and prepare your to correct any outstanding issues with you and the evaluator. As with all other hearings, we will thoroughly prepare you and represent you at your hearing. With your help your chances at succeeding at your next hearing dramatically improve.

What if I have a non-alcohol related suspension?

Depending on the type of suspension, you may be eligible for a Restricted Driving Permit or reinstatement. As with any hearing, we thoroughly review all the documentation and prepare you for the hearing.

I live out of state, can I still apply for driving relief?

Yes, out of state clients who are revoked due to an Illinois offense may either have an in-person hearing or apply through the mail with a Secretary of State “Out-of-State Packet.” We will guide you throughout the entire process.

What if my Illinois License was revoked due to an out of state offense?

Many clients lose their Illinois license due to an out of state offense. To restore your driving privileges you must appear before the Secretary of State hearing to obtain a Restricted Driving Permit or reinstatement. We can represent you at this hearing.

What is the difference between a Restricted Driving Permit and a Reinstatement Hearing?

Depending on the type and age of the offense which led to the loss of your license, the Secretary of State determines whether you must first obtain a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP) or are eligible for full reinstatement. An RDP allows people to drive to and from work, school, medical visits, daycare, public service and to attend support meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous. After receiving a Restricted Driving Permit, and are otherwise eligible for full reinstatement, you can request a hearing to apply for full reinstatement of your driving privileges once the nine-month eligibility period has passed.

How long will it take and what is the procedure?

For a Formal Hearing you must mail a written petition with a $50.00 fee to the Illinois Secretary of State. A Notice of Hearing will be mailed to you with a hearing date, usually four to six weeks from the time the petition was mailed. On the hearing date you must testify before a hearing officer who will also review any documentation you are required to bring. A ruling will be mailed to you anywhere from one to three months later. For an Informal Hearing one must go to a local Secretary of State office that has a hearing officer present. No written petition is required.

How do we prepare for a Secretary of State Hearing?

Proper preparation is the key to a successful hearing. It is critical to spend the time needed with each client to preparing them the issues that will be raised at the hearing. Prior to the hearing we will:

  • Review driving record:  This is to determine the type and basis of your suspension or revocation and to determine whether you are eligible for a Restricted Driving Permit or full reinstatement.
  • Review all Treatment Documentation:  It is critical to carefully review all your prior alcohol evaluations and treatment documentation. Your testimony at the Secretary of State hearing must be consistent with the treatment information.
  • Denial Order from Prior Hearing:  If you have had a previous Secretary of State Hearing it is critical to carefully review the denial letter and to address the reasons you were denied. You must then remedy those reasons in your new evaluation and testimony.
  • Preparation for Testimony:  During our meetings with you we will give you a direct assessment of your case and device the best approach to win your driving privileges back. We will cover such issues as the circumstances of each DUI arrest, what you learned from your treatment, the changes you made in your life, you past and current drinking patterns and the hardships you face in not having a license. We must also convince the Secretary of State that you can be relied on to never to drink and drive again.
  • New Updated Evaluation:  If you earlier evaluation is more than six months old you must obtain a new Update Evaluation and possibly additional documentation. Your new evaluation is critical and will contain information relied in by the Secretary of State.

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