Payment Types

Payment Options for Waukegan DUI Lawyer and Lake County Criminal Defense Attorney

Unlike civil attorneys who charge by the hour, attorneys who practice criminal, traffic and Secretary of State law charge by the individual case. Our office sets our fees based on the complexity of each case, the work involved and whether it may entail a trial or hearing. We strongly believe that every client deserves to know up front the total legal fees involved. We There will be no surprises or additional costs unless agreed upon. Since each case is unique a phone or in-person consultation is required for the attorney to understand your case and explain what work needs to be done. We will also attempt to provide an idea of the separate costs associated with fines, court costs and other expenditures involved in your case.

You can be assured that our fees are reasonable and will be made known to you up front.

We understand that clients may not have the funds to pay the entire fee. To be flexible, our office accepts all credit and debit cards. Often, a down payment retainer fee is accepted with an agreement that the remainder will be paid by the conclusion of the case which may take several weeks or months. In criminal cases, if a bond is posted all or part of it can be applied to the legal fee.

Pay By Credit Card

Click on the name below to make a secure payment  by credit card for legal services using www. Lawpay. com, a processing company approved and sanctioned by the Illinois State Bar Association.

A receipt will immediately be sent to your email and payment credited to your account.

Click on your attorney’s name to make a payment by credit card:

David Winer

Evan Winer

Harold Winer

Pay by Zelle

Zelle® has partnered with leading banks and credit unions across the U.S. to bring you a fast, safe and easy way to pay for services provided via your bank account.

Some banks have integrated Zelle payments into their mobile app or web app.  Login to your bank app and find a tab similar to Send Money (with Zelle).   Then follow their directions to send payment.  In general, you will:

  • Select Send Money with Zelle®
  • If this is your first payment, add your attorney as a new recipient (see their account phone numbers below).  Otherwise, select your attorney from contacts.
  • Enter the payment information, including the amount and your attorney’s account phone number below.
  • Check the payment information for accuracy twice.
  • When satisfied the information is accurate, tap “Send Money”.

David Winer send payment to:  847-913-2148

Evan Winer send payment to:  847-347-9111

Additional Information About Fees

While our fees are reasonable, our representation will be exceptional.  We understand that many clients may not have the funds to pay the entire fee at once.  We therefore accept a retainer fee as a partial payment towards the legal fee.  Since a case may take many weeks or months you have the time to make payments.  Where the bond has been posted, the bond can be applied toward the legal fee.  Furthermore, our office accepts Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover card.

At Waukegan DUI Laywer, We Accept all Credit Cards