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Homicide, Manslaughter, and Murder

The terms homicide, murder, and manslaughter are familiar to most people. In fact, most people use them interchangeably to describe killing. However, under Illinois law, they have different meanings.

The term “homicide” means the killing of another person. Murder and manslaughter are specific types of homicide. Depending on the facts of your case, homicide may or may not be a crime. Some homicides are considered justifiable. For example, if there was a legitimate reason to kill the other person, such as self-defense or defending another person. If the homicide was justified, it is not a crime.

On the other hand, if the killing is not justified in the eyes of local law enforcement and prosecutors, the person will be charged with one or more serious felony crimes:

  • First degree murder, 720 ILCS 5/9-1
  • Intentional homicide of an unborn child, 720 ILCS 5/9-1.2
  • Second degree murder, 720 ILCS 5/9-2
  • Voluntary manslaughter of an unborn child, 720 ILCS 5/9-2.1
  • Involuntary Manslaughter and Reckless Homicide, 720 ILCS 5/9-3
  • Involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide of an unborn child, 720 ILCS 5/9-3.2
  • Drug-induced homicide, 720 ILCS 5/9-3.3
  • Concealment of homicidal death, 720 ILCS 5/9-3.4
  • Concealment of death, 720 ILCS 5/9-3.5

The facts of the case and state of mind of the alleged offender at the time of the killing are the key differences between the crimes.

For more information about the above crimes see the Illinois Code for Homicide, Murder and Manslaughter online.

The facts of your case and your state of mind will also play a key role in building your criminal defense strategy. It is critical that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who is a skilled trial attorney immediately so we can begin to assess your case and best options.

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