Out Of State Driver’s License Reinstatement

Waukegan Traffic Attorneys Can Restore Your Out of State LicenseThe Law Offices of Winer & Winer has helped drivers throughout the US regain their driving privileges due to a “Hold” on their license from the Illinois Secretary of State.  Due to this hold they are unable to obtain or renew their driver’s license in the state where they live.  The attorneys at the Law Office of Winer & Winer can help lift the hold so you can legally drive where you live.

Out-of-State Packets for Non-Illinois Residents

The clearing of a “Hold” from Illinois can be a daunting and frustrating process.  And drivers who attempt to complete the process on their own often put themselves in a worse situation.  Drivers who received a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or other suspendable offense while in Illinois face several challenges in removing the hold place on their license by the State of Illinois.  This hold is due to the newly created National Registry of Driving Records which every state now is required to check before issuing or renewing a driver’s license.  If the National Registry shows a DUI, a suspendable offense or even an unpaid ticket you will be denied a driver’s license.  Referred to as Problem Driver Pointer System, or PDPS, it is designed to advise all the other states of any past serious traffic offenses.

Remove the “Hold” from Illinois

Due to a PDPS check, many drivers who were issued tickets long ago are finding themselves unable to legally drive a car in the state where they live. If the person is revoked or suspended due to offenses committed in Illinois, the National Registry will indicate a “Hold” this and prevent the issuance or renewal of their driver’s license by their resident State.  Until this Hold is lifted a person will be unable to renew their current license or obtain any type of driving privileges in their resident state.

The result can be both surprising and frustrating, as many drivers are under the impression that the tickets they received in Illinois are too old to have any ramifications. And since their resident state has permitted them to legally drive for years it is reasonable to think so. However, due to relatively new National Registry and the PDPS system, these old tickets have come back to life. And Illinois will not remove the Hold unless you have it removed by a court or through a Secretary of State hearing conducted either in person or through the mail using an “Out-of State Packet” (OOS Packet).  Keep in mind that if the driver lives within 30 miles of the Illinois border an in-person hearing is required.  If however a driver lives beyond 30 miles they have a choice between an in-person hearing or through the mail using an OOS Packet.

The Out-of-State Packet Process

The OOS Packet is a very detailed questioner designed and prepared by the Illinois Secretary of State.  At first glance the questions not seem difficult or complicated.  But a wrong answer can result in a denial of driver’s license and, even worse, may make it more difficult to get a license in the future.  The Illinois Secretary of State is also very strict about the documentation the packet must include and will often reject packets if the documents are not in perfect order. The Illinois Secretary of State often requires previous alcohol evaluations, treatment documentation and may request a new evaluation.  But, unless this packet is properly prepared the Illinois Secretary of State will not life the completed the Hold and you will never be able to get a license.

For this reason it is extremely important that you have the assistance of an experienced Illinois attorney to help guide you through the complex Secretary of State process.  The Law Office of Winer & Winer has helped countless drivers throughout the country remove the “Hold” from the Illinois Secretary of State and get back on the road.  We will work closely with you to guide you ever step of the way.  We have the experience to help you with every problem you might face in removing the hold from your license and obtaining your driver’s license reinstatement.

Out-of-State In-Person Formal & Informal Hearings

For information regarding in-person Formal & Informal Hearings please use this link or navigate to our website pages on this topic.

For more comprehensive information about Secretary of State hearings you can visit our site that is dedicated to SOS hearings at at Driverslicenseback.com.

For more comprehensive information about Secretary of State hearings you can visit our site that is dedicated to SOS hearings at at Driverslicenseback.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am not a resident of Illinois, should I have an in-person hearing or do an Out-of-State Packet through the mail?

A. Firstly, if a driver lives within 30 miles of the Illinois border they must have an in-person hearing, whether Formal or Informal. If they live beyond that they can choose either to come to Illinois to have an in-person hearing or proceed with an OOS Packet through the mail. While anybody who lives beyond 30 miles of Illinois can submit the OOS Packet, in certain circumstances we advise our clients to have an in-person hearing if they do not live too far. On the other hand, if a client desires to submit an OOS Packet we have the experience to help with all aspects of the petition.

Q. My Illinois license was revoked due to a DUI from outside the State of Illinois. What can I do?

A. When a person gets a DUI from another state it will be sent to the Problem Driver Pointer Systems and/or directly to the Illinois Secretary of State, who will then revoke the driver’s Illinois license. Depending of the circumstance the driver may then be eligible for an Informal or Formal hearing at the Secretary of State to attempt to regain driving privileges. To do so, the driver must obtain an alcohol evaluation, complete all treatment and supply all necessary documents. It is also critical that the driver be properly prepared to answer questions at the Secretary of State hearing.

Q. I was previously denied a permit or reinstatement at a hearing. What can you do for me?

A. At the Law Offices of Winer & Winer, we have represented numerous clients who were previously denied driving privileges from a prior Formal or Informal hearing as well as the submission of an Out of State Packet. We first request all of the documents previously submitted Secretary of State and used as part of their decision making process. We carefully review the documents to find out the specific reasons for the denial and we then we move to correct these problems. We work closely with the client as well as alcohol evaluators to address for the denial and submit whatever new documentation is needed for the hearing.

Q. My DUI occurred many years ago. Do I still have to go through the hearing or can I just pay a fee to reinstate my driver’s license?

A. Many clients have had a DUI from years past that is now causing a problem with their license. While some states permit the payment of a reinstatement fee, Illinois does not. If there is an Illinois DUI conviction resulting in a revocation, that client must either have an Out-of-State Packet or in-person hearing. An Illinois revocation is indefinite and will not go away on its own. The hearing process is the only way to remove the revocation or any hold on your license.

Q. Can I use any evaluator or treatment provider either in or outside the State of Illinois?

A. While licensed in-state and out-of-state alcohol and substance abuse evaluators and treatment providers are technically eligible, many do not know the specific requirements demanded by the Illinois Secretary of State for license reinstatement hearing. In the case of out-of-state treatment providers, we often use licensed Illinois Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA) evaluators to consult with them on how to meet the specific demands of the Illinois Secretary of State. With respect to in-state providers, we can refer to you to an evaluator who both understand Illinois law and provide reliable information and documents.

Q. Do I need additional treatment before a hearing if I completed treatment many years ago following a DUI in Illinois?

A. There are many factors that determine whether additional treatment is required, including the number of DUI arrests, when these arrests took place, the type of treatment that was completed as well as other factors. Most of our out-of-state clients do not have to complete any additional treatment, though in some circumstances a 10 hour remedial education program is required.

Q. Can I go to an evaluator in the state where I live and get an alcohol evaluation and send it to Illinois?

A. The Illinois Secretary of State has very specific requirements as to the documents needed for an out-of-state packet or in-person hearing. Many out-of-state packets conducted by non-Illinois evaluators do not comply with these requirements and usually results in a denial of driving privileges. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from an experienced Illinois attorney before obtaining an alcohol evaluation in the state where you live.